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The game N is just a short way of saying Ninja. This is a ninja game through and through. When you first start the game you are the guide for a ninja who wears bell bottoms. You will have to help him cross through chasms and traverse through harder and harder mazes in order to activate different switches or several switches in order to make your way to the exit.

You will need to use his repertoire of moves in order to find a way for the little guy to get out of over 200 encounters along the way.

There are several moves available including a wall slide, a wall jump, and the ability to sprint up and down inclines. It is even possible to jump off of walls and shifting blocks. You will not have a sword or a double jump ability, but you do have control over your movement while you are in flight. This can help you creep along narrow ledges and slip through some of the tighter passages. You will also need to reverse your momentum at times in order to avoid deadly devices. Some of the devices that you will need to avoid include electrified blue orbs, red mines, and stationary units that will shoot missiles and other projectiles.

As if the levels were not hard enough, there is also a timer that you have to beat. When you go through the level there are gold bricks available that you can collect to increase the amount of time that you have to finish.

This is a fun, action packed game that will take you a while to conquer. You will need to perfect your ninja skills in order to get through all of the levels that are in place in this wonderful game with the simple name of N.

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