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Papa has conquered many areas of the restaurant industry. From pizza to burgers to tacos, Papa knows his way around food. He is now back and is exploring the world of sweets. In Papa’s Freezeria you will be serving up some sundaes to Papa’s picky customers.

You will be able to choose to work with either Penny or Alberto at the start of the game. To control their actions you will use your mouse. You will need to take customer orders at the order station, fill the order at the build station, blend everything together at the mix station and then finish the product off at the top station. When you complete the order you wait to see the score that they will give you. The higher your score the better your tips.

The order station is the same as it was in the previous Papa games. However, the build station comes with a new twist. Instead of having to click on the ingredients that you need for your sundae, each of the steps will require you to press a pour button at the right time. This can be a bit tricky to achieve when you first start playing the game.

Papa's Freezeria is a time management game that can be quite fun. You have to learn how to deal with the different customers that come into the shop and provide them with the sundae that they ask for. Some customers are more demanding than others and you will have to learn how to perfect your timing to get everything just right.

With this type of game, practice makes perfect and it will likely take you a bit of time to get all of the right moves down in order to make the perfect sundae for each of your customers.

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