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Do you have a sense of humor? Do you enjoy a good poop joke? If you are looking for a fun way to pass the time and maybe enjoy a few laughs along the way, why not try out this poop clicker game.

If you have heard of the game cookie clicker you will find that poop clicker is basically the same game. However, instead of making great cookies during the clicking process you will be making poop. Yes, you are reading that correctly, this game involves clicking on poop.

Throughout the game you will upgrade your poop to various levels. It takes so many clicks to open up other forms of poop. For example, when you reach 100 clicks you can add baby poop. When you get 1000 clicks you can add a toilet. Other forms of poop include a cow, canalization, a railway, factory, government, earth, and finally heaven.

The game is quite simple as you just click on a blob of poop. Once you reach enough clicks you purchase other types of poop and the amount of poop that you make per second improves. You can just let the poop add up.

This game is actually quite funny to watch as your poop continues to build up. You can improve your poop per second by adding on additional items. Perhaps the funniest addition is that of the government, because who at some point has not thought that the government has pooped on them in some way. Adding in heaven and earth is just the icing or maybe toilet paper on the cake.

Overall, there is no real challenge to this game, it just provides a different way to pass the time if you happen to have some extra time on your hands.

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