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Raze 2 is an action arena shooter game that uses space marines. This game attempts to use and provide a fairly in depth story line, but essentially the game boils down to, you are a human and there are alien zombies trying to take over. You have to kill them to live. Pretty simple, right?

You will use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move your character around. To aim and shoot you will use your mouse. To succeed you will need to either outkill your opponents or reach the objective. You can cycle through your weapons using the Q and the E buttons. The number keys allow you to wield your weapons directly. The F key allows you to use special abilities.

Every round that you play will give you credits. You can use these credits in order to buy upgrades or new abilities or other items.

Overall, Raze 2 is a fast and fun game as long as your CPU can handle the load. If you are a fan of the original game you will recognize that this is really a half sequel or update. This is not necessarily a bad thing as this update provides more streamlined play, new maps, and new play modes. In addition, the game has an awesome soundtrack to play along to, which can make the game even more exciting to play.

For those who are not sold on the concept of racing around different maps to blast zombie aliens, this game may seem a bit generic. However, if you enjoy this genre of game, you should enjoy the new things that this version has to offer over the last version.

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