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If you enjoy sci-fi games such as Gears of War and Halo, the Raze games from Sky9 have brought that gunning and running action to the browser gaming world. Raze 3 provides more arena based shooting action that you have come to expect from this series.

To play the game you will use the arrow keys in order to move. The enter or the F key are used for your laser sword and you will use the mouse in order to aim and shoot your way through all fifteen levels provided in the main campaign. You can also just choose to play a quick match and start shooting away.

The Raze story is actually pretty run of the mill. It involves a conflict between zombies, humans, and aliens. The real draw of this game is the running around, jumping, and the shooting of everything that is not human. You will have many weapons to use during the game including rocket launchers, pistols, and laser swords. There is also a huge upgrades system that is a bit daunting to explore. Every weapon can be tweaked to the finest detail. This is a bit fun as you can make your weapons whatever you want them to be. You can also change the appearance of your avatar as many times as you want.

The gameplay for this third installment has not changed much over the last two entries, but some of the newer backgrounds and the new levels are great in design and artistry. Overall, if you enjoyed the first two versions of the game you are going to enjoy this one as well. If you have not played the first two Raze versions, you can jump right into this one and start killing aliens and zombies right away.

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