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Zombie Assault 2 the Insane Asylum is simply an expansion pack for the Zombie Assault 2 game. It is the third installment of the popular SAS zombie assault series. This game has been around since the end of summer 2009 and is still one of the more popular zombie shooting games out there.

This game is rather simple as it uses the Zombie theme as its base. The goal of the game is for you to shoot through as many zombies as you can while making your way through the story line. While you are shooting your way through the map you will want to build up your character. There are 50 ranks for you go to through during the gaming process.

The map for Zombie Assault 2 the Insane Asylum has been completely redone. In Zombie Assault 2 the game takes place in a camp, in this version you are fighting your way through an insane asylum, hence the name.

There has been a single new enemy added in this game and that is the Clown Zombie. All of the rest of the enemies have remained the same. The ranks are the same as the previous version. When it comes to the weapons the L115A1 has been removed. There are two new weapons in its place, the 700 Nitro Express and the M1014.

If you enjoy third person shooting games and want to kill some zombies, this is a great game for you. You can work your way across the map and through the different levels that are provided. This is a great expansion pack to the previous version of the game and provides you with new backgrounds, a new zombie to fight, and a couple of new weapons to try out.

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