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Zombie Assault 3 is quite a simple game really. It uses the popular zombie theme as its base. It is a third person shooting game and the goal is to make your way through the story line. While you are working your way through the story line you want to level up your character through the 50 ranks. As you go up in rank you will unlock different guns that you can purchase with your in game money. You can also use real money to buy new games.

The levels of the game can get a bit chaotic, especially if you decide to play in apocalypse mode with multiple players.

There is a browser version of this game available as well as an iOS and Android version that you can play on your phone or other mobile devices.

When you first start playing this game you may wonder why there are not very many zombies around. As you move through the game you will find that the number of zombies increases immensely and you will have to try to move your character through hoards of these creatures in order to survive.

The game is a bit difficult, which is why the developers have implemented ranks. You start with a single map and a single mode. You will have one gun to use and will play through the story as a single player or with a team of up to four people. Leveling up is easy at first, but once you improve your rank and level, things start to get more difficult.

This is a very fun game if you love third person shooter games combined with killing zombies. You can improve your character and race through the different levels in just a bit of time.

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