Shopping Cart Hero 3

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For those who enjoyed the first and the second shopping cart hero games, this third installment of the game is not going to disappoint. Shopping Cart Hero 3 is considered to be the best version of the game so far.

The purpose of Shopping Cart Hero 3 is to go as fast as you can after you jump off a hill. You will run up, jump inside your car, and then leap off of the edge. While you are in the air you will want to use the arrow keys in order to keep yourself balanced so that you will get a good landing. It is important to land well so that you roll on the ground. The farther that you can jump, the more points that you will earn. Earning more points will allow you to upgrade your cart. Upgrades to your cart will allow you to jump and fly even further.

When you are flying through the air you will earn extra money for how high you go, your style, and pulling off any tricks.

In shopping cart hero 3 you will find three worlds to compete in. The game also features many cool upgrades such as the more basic things such as better wheels for your car to fun and exciting tricks. There is also a cart full of fireworks and you will even get the chance to ride on a shark once you make it further along in the game.

In order to unlock some of the great features that this game has to offer you will need to put in a bit of time and earn enough money. It is well worth the time as the features that you can unlock make this game quite fun to play.

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