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In this game the future exists with orbital paths that are completely full of junk. This debris needs to be cleaned up or there is no future for space exploration. Enlisted to go into orbit to clean up the trash is a monkey. You are in charge of guiding this monkey along the orbital path so that he can clean up all of the trash.

This game only requires the use of two buttons. You will move the monkey either left or to the right using the directional keys. You can also use the number 4 and the number 6 to spin the monkey in the direction that you want him to go.

The game is quite simple as you will turn the monkey to grab trash like wrappers and cups with his feet and hands. You do not get punished for missing trash, but you will have to go on longer to reach your goal for the stage.

You have to keep your monkey’s energy up by eating donuts that float into view. If a hazard flies onto the screen you need to make sure to spin out of the way so that none of his appendages are hit.

While this game may seem like it is really simple, there are some neat moves that up the playing level of the game a bit. For example, if your monkey grabs a yo-yo he can play with it while grabbing trash with his other 3 hands and earn you bonus points in the process. However, if you touch any trash with the hand the yo-yo is in you will lose the toy. You can also have your monkey juggle balls. Playing will get you extra points, but keeping this up can be difficult.

Overall, this is a fun little action game that can provide you with some fun entertainment.

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