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Sticky Ninja Missions is a fun and cute physics puzzle game about a guy who has super ninja powers. He also has feet that are adhesive and like any student coming out of their educational training, crippling student loan debt.

While most people take on extra jobs, sell their blood, and do whatever else they can to pay off their debt, Sticky Ninja simply has to beat up thugs that have taken over his city in order to earn the money that he needs.

To play you will click on the Sticky Ninja and drag in the direction that you want him to jump. Let go and he will fly through the air. He will stick to almost every surface that he lands on. While he is flying through the air he can bust through some obstacles. He also takes out enemies when he is flying through the air or when he lands a kick.

Your rating for each of the stages depends on how many jumps it takes you to clear the level. When you are jumping you will need to avoid the deadly obstacles that are marked with red. These obstacles can hurt you as you can only withstand just a few hits before you have to restart. Make sure that you pick up gems along the way as these will help improve your score.

One of the great things about the Sticky Ninja missions game is that there is a lot of variety and challenges throughout the game. Each level feels different because of the different environments that they take place in. There are constantly new things being thrown at you, which keeps the game fun and fresh and wanting to come back for more.

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