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Strike Force Heroes 2 is the sequel to the original Strike Force offered by Sky9 Games. This action shooter game is just the sequel that players of the first game have been waiting for.

To move, jump, or crouch your soldier you will use the arrow keys. Aiming and shooting is done with the mouse. There are 5 classes that you can choose to play as. Each class has their own weaknesses, strengths, and special weapons. The five classes are juggernaut, sniper, general, mercenary, and engineer.

You will use the soldier menu in order to choose your first two weapons. You will use the q button to switch between weapons during your battles. Killing enemies successfully will help you gain experience, as well as unlock new abilities and weapons. One ability in particular is a kill streak ability. This is activated using the control button or the e button after you kill several enemies without dying.

One new aspect of game play is that you can switch reloading, weapon switching, and kill streak activation can be assigned to right clicking of your mouse.

Scattered around the levels there are health packs and ammo that can be used to replenish your stockpiles. When playing in campaign mode there are different win conditions that must be met. This may be a certain amount of team or individual kills, taking the flag of the enemy, or working with your team to defeat a boss.

Strike Force was a very successful game and creating a sequel can be difficult. The creators of Strike Force did not disappoint with this sequel and those who enjoyed the first version will likely find that this latest installment is just what they would want in a sequel.

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