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Have you ever been accused of being a crazy cat person? If so, this is a great game for you. Strike Force Kitty 2 is a great followup to the original version of this game. This is a fast paced arcade style game that has you leading a group of four kitties through several levels in order to get rid of the evil empire of foxes.

The premise of the game is quite simple, but the formula for this second version is a lot different than used in the first version of the game. The cats will still attack and run on their own. You can click in order to jump and each level offers a large amount of weapons and armor that you can get from enemies that have fallen. This can be used to equip your kittens. You can use this stuff to equip any of your cats in any way that you would like.

There are bonuses available on different levels as well as new abilities that can allow you to gain access to other areas in levels that may be out of reach. Once you get all the pieces of the costumes that are necessary to get through an obstacle it activates automatically.

In this second version of the game the stamina bar is gone and the game is now based on levels. Each of the levels are smaller and more contained. In addition, you will find doors that are locked, switches to move platforms, lottery tickets, and even special powers. All of this is new in this second version of the game.

If you enjoyed the first version of strike force kitty, this sequel is going to give you the new challenges that you are likely looking for. The game provides a new feel and you will need to practice in order to get better and completing each level.

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