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Who doesn’t love a good quiz game? When you are bored and want to test your knowledge or if you simply want to see if you are as smart as you think you are, there is a game out there just for you. The idiot test has been designed to test your quick thinking abilities.

When you start the game you will be asked a simple question. When you answer it correctly you get to move on to the next question. Any time that you answer a question wrong you have to start the entire quiz over.

The questions really do start out quite simple. For example, you may have to click on a rectangle that is in line with a bunch of squares. Sometimes you simply have to click on the correct color of button. Other times you will have to memorize a pattern and click on the correct color several times in a row.

While the idiot test seems relatively easy, it is actually tougher than you might think. In order to get through the game you are going to have to truly test your skills. Each level that you get through gets tougher and tougher to complete.

When you complete a level the game will very nicely tell you what level of idiot you currently are. The quips are all in fun and you will see how quickly you can become addicted to playing each level to try to advance even further through the game. What are you waiting for, take the idiot test and see exactly what type of idiot that you are.

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