The Impossible Quiz 2

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Everyone wants to prove that they are smarter than the next guy. What better way to prove how intelligent you are than by taking an impossible quiz. The impossible quiz game was not really impossible, but it was extremely difficult. Now, the game makers are back with a second version of this fun quiz game.

To play the game you will simply hit the start button and the questions begin. You have 5 lives to start out with. Every time that you answer a question wrong you lose a life. When you run out of lives you have to start over.

When you run out of lives you will start all of your questions over. This means that you can zip through the ones that you already know in order to get through to the more difficult questions.

There are all types of questions and riddles provided in this seemingly never ending game. Some of the answers are a bit tricky and will really make you think about them. Some of the other answers just involve clicking letters in the order provided.

Overall, this version of the game is really the quite the same as the first. There are different questions of course and new versions of some of the puzzles found in the first version, but this is basically a quiz game that will test your problem solving skills.

This game may be called Impossible Quiz 2, but the quiz is not really impossible as you can solve it if you take your time and think about what the question is really asking you for. It can get frustrating when you get stuck on a certain question and have to keep starting over. Overall, this game is quite addictive and really fun to play.

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