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In this game called Mothership you are in charge of finding out what caused the damage to the ship to end its voyage. When you first start out you will be told to enter the first door and check out your surroundings. You will move your person through the first door using the arrow keys.

Once you have entered the door you will see a path to take. You will have to follow the path until you find a screen that will unlock the control room. Once you are in the control room you will need to figure out the puzzle in order to unlock more levels and doors.

The idea behind this game is to explore all throughout the mothership in search of answers as to why it aborted its mission. You will need to use your puzzle skills and your wit to figure out different levels of the ship in order to figure the game out.

During your mission make sure that you check in with your allies who are checking out what was behind the second and the third doors. They can help give you answers that you need and you also want to make sure that they are still alive.

Overall, this game has fairly poor graphics and the sound is a bit eerie. As you advance through the levels you will learn more about the ship and what happened. This game will take some getting used to as there are different puzzles that you will need to solve. Game play overall is rather simple as you will be using the spacebar and the arrow keys to make your way around the ship.

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