Urban Sniper 2

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In this game of Urban Sniper 2 you are going to be asked to shoot at targets and to eliminate any threats. During the game you will use your environment to your advantage as you are on your mission to kill Don Pedrito. Pedrito is the man who killed your father and you are out for revenge.

During this game you will need to learn to be patient and take a logical approach in order to get through all of the missions and complete your revenge.

This game is a sequel to the first urban sniper, which was quite popular. Following the plot from the last game, in this version you will be turning against your past employer that betrayed you by having your father killed. In this game you are acting alone and the emails that were used in the first game are now in the form of tips from your remaining friends.

In urban sniper 2 the stakes are higher and in most of the missions you will see hired snipers that are trying to kill you. This is a distraction from your main objective of the mission and if you are not careful you will end up being taken out.

Just like in the last version, if you fail a mission or you die you have to start the game completely over. In this game you will be provided with a larger number of bullets, but it is not limitless. You will have to save up your ammo throughout the entire game in order to survive and win.

If you enjoy shooting games and liked the first version of urban sniper, this game has all of that action plus a bit more.

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