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Warfare 1917 is a game about World War 1. This game is free to play and was inspired by the brutal loss of life in the trenches of Western Europe from 1917 to 1918. While at first this game seems rather simple and has basic controls, behind this you will find a game that offers a challenging game experience. The game is surprisingly accurate historically, and is a fun and simple game to play.

While this game is rather small, the creators at Con Artist Games have done a great job of balancing the units from both sides. The game offers 2 campaign modes that you can play, either the German or the British Empire. There is a third mode that allows you to create a custom game. This keeps the replayability of the game quite high. In the custom game mode a player will be able to set their own parameters for their battles and they can make themselves and their enemies as strong or as weak as they would like.

No matter which mode you play, the basic game map will be dotted with barbed wire and trenches that the player will have to get his soldiers across. There are mortar shells and artillery that will decimate your troops, which means that you need to get them in a somewhat secure trench quite quickly before they die in the open fields.

Overall, if you enjoy playing war games and are in the mood for a game that is fairly accurate historically and allows you to strategize and come up with a plan to defeat your enemies, Warfare 1917 is a good choice. You will need to come up with a plan to improve and move your troops along the route or risk being killed.

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