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War games are a great way to learn about history and a lot of the war games that are available teach valuable lessons about how combat has changed through the years. For example, between the first and second World War, trench lines were abandoned for makeshift covers made from tombstones and hedges. This made the battlefields even wider.

Warfare 1944 is a sequel to a game that was already quite great. You start out with your soldiers at one end of the screen and then will advance to the other side. There are 3 planes to battle on, which opens up numerous possibilities of creating flanking maneuvers or even simply bypassing some forms of defense.

In order to play this game you only need your mouse. You will need to choose the type of squad that you want from the menu. You then click the area where you want to deploy the squad. Your soldiers will move into battle from off the screen and automatically attack any opposing units. You can provide your soldiers with orders by using your mouse to click on them and then choosing one of the icons from the menu. You can also use the numbers on your keyboard to give directions. You win your battles either by advancing across the entire map or by destroying the morale of your enemy.

During your missions you will gain experience points that can then be used for equipment and training. There are many options for upgrades throughout the game allowing you to control the game to your liking.

Overall, Warfare 1944 provides you with a good war strategy game that you can play for a long time. You can choose different battle techniques each time you play and learn what gets you the farthest along the path to victory.

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