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What would you do if you lived in a trailer park that is being overcome with zombies? You would fight them of course. You have to protect your people after all. In order to fight off the zombies you will need to build an army. This will consist of men that have shovels, preacher men, and angry farmers. All who are going to help you protect your van.

The purpose of this game is to destroy the base of zombies before they destroy your stuff. You will be given money every few seconds. You can use this money to buy buildings or units. Each enemy that you destroy will give you more “yee-haw” points. These points can then be used for one of the three super attacks that are available once you have achieved a certain amount of points.

There are four stages of the game that you will work through. The first stage is the early to dead, early to rise stage. This is the beginning level and you will need to fight off the upcoming zombie army.

The second stage is called a kick in the dead, which involves more fighting. The third stage is nothing ventured, nothing brained, and the fourth stage is called trash talks, dead walks. Each of the levels get more difficult and have different objectives that you have to go through to complete them.

Overall, this is a fun game that you can play for long periods of time. You will want to try to get as far along as possible and use your money and points to upgrade your army and base. The game can be kind of gory so it is not recommended for younger children. Teens and above will have fun with this game.

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