Test Your Vocabulary Skills

Around the World in Fifteen Pictures 1

Complete the gaps in the sentences below:

1. This is a in Zambia.

2. There is a in the sky, near Sydney in Australia.

3. It's a day in Poland.

4. It's thundering and over a small town in France.

5. A typical sight in London, UK is this red bus.

6. The bright yellow flowers in this field in Holland are called .

7. This man stands outside Palace.

8. There are people working on this in the Persian Gulf.

9. This is a tranquil in Germany.

10. This hot air is flying over Canada.

11. This place in Mexico is great for climbers.

12. There is snow on top of these Andean .

13. This is a of a mountain, taken in the Himalayas.

14. live in Africa and have black and white stripes.

15. It's been heavily in Tibet.


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