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Improve your English while on holiday in the beautiful Polish Lake District!

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About us:

Matt Purland, your English teacher

"Hi! I'm Matt Purland, owner of English Banana Language Holidays and Director of Studies at Study English Language Centre in Ostróda, where all our language holidays take place. Visit Study English Language Centre website.

"We're a small family business and we really care about ensuring that you enjoy your stay in Ostróda - and achieve your learning goals! My family and I have lived in Ostróda since 2007 and we love it here! We offer a unique service here in Ostróda and we are sure that your expecatations will be surpassed when you book an English Banana Language Holiday! Here are a few testimonials from recent students at our school:


  • 'This year I learn a lot grammar, words and speaking. I met new fantastic people, I get on well with them. I like spend time at English course. I like Matt because he is good person and help us every time!'

  • 'I feel I've gained enough confidence to teach without materials. I also feel that my creativity has been exposed to the higher level and that's really good and exciting.' [Student on a Teacher Training course.]

  • 'I think the course is really good. It's nice atmosphere and teachers. We can learn a lot of useful things and how to use it. And we can meet new great people.'

  • 'Matt Purland is really profesional teacher. He is original native speaker. His methods are very interesting. The classroom is full of equipment... I think that this is school for everybody. I really recommend it.'


"I've been teaching English full-time since 2002, so I have been privileged to work alongside and help many thousands of students over the years. Please click here to read about my experience and qualifications. I'm also the founder of English Banana.com, a free resource website that welcomes over 3 million visitors per month. I have written hundreds of pages of free material for learning English, as well as 15 books, which have been downloaded over 2 million times by students and teachers from around the world! You can download my free resources here: http://www.englishbanana.com I often teach English online, so look out for my free English classes on WizIQ.com!

"If you would like to discuss the possibility of an English Banana Language Holiday, or if you need further information, please feel free to contact me

"I look forward to meeting you!"


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