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Talk a Lot Intermediate Book 1

Unit 4 - Getting a Job

Unit 4: Getting a Job...

Complete Unit 4 - Getting a Job


Sentence Focus Activities

Sentence Blocks [.pdf]
Connected Sentence Cards [.pdf]
Connected Speech Template [.pdf]

Word Focus Activities

Discussion Words [.pdf]
Discussion Words Question Sheet [.pdf]
Information Exchange [.pdf]
Multi-Purpose Text [.pdf]

Focus on Non-Literal Speech

Role Play with Non-Literal English [.pdf]
Features of Non-Literal English - Part 4 [.pdf]
20 Common English Idioms [.pdf]
20 Common English Phrasal Verbs [.pdf]
20 Common English Slang Words and Phrases [.pdf]
Focus on Non-Literal Speech - Answers [.pdf]
Unit Vocabulary Reference [.pdf]

Free Practice Activities

What Would You Do? [.pdf]
Discussion Questions [.pdf]
Preparing for a Job Interview - 20 Typical Questions [.pdf]
Agree or Disagree? [.pdf]


Vocabulary Test [.pdf]
Lesson Test [.pdf]