Test Your Pop Skills

Avril Lavigne

Complete the Song Titles:

1. C

2. Boi

3. Things I'll Say

4. Nobody's

5. I'm With

6. My Ending

7. Losing

8. I Always Get

9. To Pieces

10. To Ask

Avril Trivia:

11. Avril was born in Napanee, in 1984.

12. Her debut album was called...

    Let Me In

    Let Me Out

    Let's Go

    Let Go

13. Avril is often described as a...

    new romantic

    skater punk

    rock 'n' roller

    blues merchant

14. Avril's second album was called .

15. Avril was signed to Arista Records by...

    Alberto "NYC" Reid

    Antonio "LA" Reid

    Enrique "Alabama" Reid

    Orlando "Chicago" Reid


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