Test Your Pop Skills

Jennifer Lopez

1. What is the name of Jennifer's 2005 album?     

2. In what year was Jennifer born?





3. Jennifer's sisters are called Leslie and .

4. What was the name of her debut album?     

5. Complete the name of the first track on this album: 'If You '.

6. Who was Jennifer married to in the Oliver Stone thriller 'U-Turn'?     

7. Jennifer was born and grew up in ...

    Los Angeles


    The Bronx

    Shepton Mallet

8. Who does Jennifer duet with on her 'J-Lo' album?     

9. Jennifer starred in the hit TV show ' ', which also launched the careers of stars such as Jim Carrey, the Wayans brothers and Chris Rock.

10. How tall is Jennifer?

    5' 4

    5' 5

    5' 6

    5' 7

11. Complete the title of this song from her album 'This is Me ... Then': 'Dear '.

12. What is the name of Jennifer's own brand of perfume?





13. Jennifer stars alongside Richard Gere and in the 2005 movie 'Shall We Dance?'.

14. Complete the lyric: 'Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got/I'm still, I'm still '.

15. What is the name of Jennifer's husband?

    Ben Affleck

    Marc Anthony

    Matthew Perry

    Brad Pitt


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