Test Your Grammar Skills

Fun with Irregular Verbs 1 - Comprehension

Complete each sentence using the correct form of
the irregular verb in brackets:

1. I (be) shopping yesterday.

2. He hasn't (bring) his passport.

3. Emily (choose) a light blue carpet for her living room, but now she doesn't like it.

4. Have you (get) your train ticket?

5. Jabor (drive) twenty five miles to visit his girlfriend, but she wasn't in.

6. I have (grow) two large tomato plants.

7. I don't think they have (understand) the question.

8. I (think) I knew him from somewhere.

9. We (leave) on Monday morning at about eight o'clock and arrived at quarter to one.

10. Sarah has (swim) for her country in the Olympics.

11. Lenny (wear) his new suit to work yesterday.

12. By the end of the night, the whole kitchen (stink) of garlic and onions.

13. You have (steal) my heart!

14. Charlotte (take) a pen from her bag and wrote a note to her husband.

15. Ludwig van Beethoven (write) some wonderful symphonies.


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