Test Your Grammar Skills

"its" or "it's"? 2

Complete each sentence using either "its" or "it's":

1. Do you know if going to be sunny tomorrow?

2. The committee showed disapproval by suspending Roger.

3. Paris is a great city. The Eiffel Tower is one of most famous tourist attractions.

4. 'What's the time, Kelly?' ' about half past five.'

5. My new sofa came with a special shampoo that I can use to clean covers.

6. The club has invited all of members to vote for a new chairperson.

7. 'My dear Meg, been two weeks now since I wrote to you to ask for your hand in marriage ... '

8. important to get enough sleep every night.

9. The bus made way through the busy city centre streets.

10. If you're going on holiday to Spain, useful to know a few words of Spanish.

11. I put the DVD back in case and left the room quietly.

12. A leopard doesn't change spots.

13. Sorry about your jumper, Barry. shrunk in the washing machine.

14. Did you watch the match last night? a shame the referee had to book Beckham.

15. There was a big commotion at the zoo last night. A lion chewed through the bars of cage and ran riot in the tea room!

16. How do you make this computer behave? always crashing!

17. been tough working two jobs and bringing up my family, but somehow I've managed so far.

18. Barbara had a twenty pound note in her purse this morning, but now disappeared.

19. Gemma loves her new cuddly bunny rabbit. become her favourite toy. Thank you so much!

20. Look at that kangaroo. It's just put joey into its pouch and bounced off ... !


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