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Test Your Reading Skills

Learn the Dolch List - Quiz 4

Complete each sentence by choosing a word:

1. Have you put the cat ?

2. I like looking at the stars in the night sky.

3. Pete left work five past five.

4. I two tickets for the concert tonight.

5. Can we to my sister's after dinner?

6. both support Manchester United.

7. I sad because I didn't get the job I wanted.

8. I did the washing up; I went to bed.

9. do you want to come round?

10. I only want a sugar in my tea.

11. Therese put her bags and ran towards her boyfriend.

12. I bring my cousin, Jeffrey?

13. I see you coming, so I waved to you.

14. What your boss say when you were late for work?

15. They their father every other weekend.


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