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Meet Arnold Palmerstone -
the most boring man on earth...

I work in a small office with three other people - Brenda Smith, Mervin Holmes and Hank Dolomites. I spend all day working on my computer sorting out insurance claims for people. I don't work with the general public and I don't want to. I'm quite shy, and don't like meeting new people. I have worked with Brenda and Mervin for about eight years now. Hank joined our team last year.

1. What are the names of the people that I work with?
Brenda, Mervin and Henry
Martin, Hank and Brenda
Brenda, Mervin and Hank

2. I work with the general public every day. True or false?

3. Why don't I want to work with the general public?
Because I don't think I could be polite all day!
Because I'm quite shy, and don't like meeting new people
Because I prefer working with Brenda, Mervin and Hank

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