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This compilation includes materials from all of the English publications – all of the books and collections of worksheets – as well as two brand new, never-before-published worksheets about State Verbs (pp.19-20). What is my favourite English worksheet ever? It’s a hard question, for sure, because I like them all. I know that some of the worksheets are really practical and useful, like some of the grammar ones and list-based ones, but I wouldn’t be able to say that they’re my favourites. I enjoy the role plays from Talk a Lot, a lot (in fact, I love writing the Talk a Lot materials, end of story!) and also the reading comprehension puzzles from the Big Activity Book, but if I had to keep only three favourite worksheets from this book, and bin the rest, I would maybe choose: 49, 59, and 74. (Ask me again next week, though, and the answer might by completely different!)

This book is arranged using the same layout as the very earliest English books – with the worksheets ordered firstly by skill (Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Reading, etc.), and then by level – from Elementary up to Intermediate and through to Advanced. If you look at the contents pages you can also choose worksheets by the year in which they were published, and by source – which book or collection of materials they were first published in.

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