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The Clear Alphabet Dictionary is a tool to enable students of English to learn new phonetic Clear Alphabet, so that they can use it confidently as a means to read, write, and understand the sounds of English – and as a result to pronounce words and sentences better. It is a tool that enables teachers to explain the relationship between spelling and sounds at word level, and connected speech at sentence and text level. If you are using You Are The Course Book method, the material in this book can be used at Stage 1 (Vocabulary) and Stage 5 (Pronunciation) of Modes 1 and 2. It could also be used with students who are studying Talk a Lot Foundation Course.

In the first part you can learn the 48 sounds of English and their corresponding written IDs (identifiers). For example, the vowel sound in “cheese” and “meal” is always written as ee in the Clear Alphabet. The second part is more like a traditional dictionary, with a word list of over two thousand common words and phrases – including all of the discussion words from Talk a Lot Elementary Books 1-3 and Intermediate Book 1. Following this is a reduced word list of 400 Elementary-level words, which can be used with students who are new to the Clear Alphabet. The third part contain special topics relating to using the Clear Alphabet, including Silent Letters, Homophones, and Hidden Sounds. The fourth part has some examples of worksheets for use in class to learn the Clear Alphabet. The last two parts of book contain useful related material from Talk a Lot Foundation Course and Talk a Lot Elementary Handbook.

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