Talk a Lot Elementary Book 3

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This book contains more than three hundred hours’ worth of learning materials which teachers can use to create fun and interesting spoken English lessons for their students.

After completing Books 1 and 2, I wrote the Talk a Lot Elementary Handbook, which contains all of the instructions and planning materials that you need to run a Talk a Lot course. Therefore you won’t find any instructions in this book.

I was able to develop several new activities for Book 3, so while you can still find Talk a Lot standards (like Sentence Blocks and Discussion Questions), and favourites (such as Role Plays and Information Exchanges), this book also features new original activities for practising connected speech (Connected Sentence Cards and Connected Speech Templates), for text-based speaking and listening work (Multi-Purpose Texts), and for pair or group discussion (Agree or Disagree?).

This book then offers a much broader range of opportunities for teaching spoken English than the first two course books, with activities that are designed to appeal to learners from many different backgrounds and with a variety of learning styles. The topics of the units in this book have been chosen to be motivating and interesting to teenage and adult learners at this level. Each unit provides at least thirty hours’ worth of teaching materials. The units are: Learning English, Films, Hospital, Books, Airport, Money, Places in the UK, Politics, Internet, and Australia.

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