Talk a Lot Intermediate Book 1

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This book has been specially designed to help English students to tackle the next stage of learning. In this book you will find four complete spoken English courses on the following topics: 1. Hotel 2. Problems 3. Media 4. Getting a Job

As well as the teaching material for each course – around 45 hours in total – this book contains more than 100 pages of additional material which complements the course activities, for use in the classroom or for self-study at home. This book is for students who are studying from intermediate level (B2/FCE) to advanced level (C1/CAE), although there will also be plenty of good material for students at preintermediate level.

The main proposal of this book is that intermediate level can come as something of a shock for students who realise that, despite dutifully learning all the basic grammatical forms and vocabulary at elementary level, the English language remains just as unknowable as ever, thanks to the introduction – at intermediate level – of non-literal English – i.e. idioms, phrasal verbs, and slang. Despite knowing plenty of words with their literal meanings, the goal of fluent communication retreats further into the distance, as the student begins to find coded language wherever they look – English that doesn’t make sense as they know it. For example, they may have learned the vocabulary words “cost”, “arm”, and “leg”, but do they know what it means “to cost an arm and a leg”? (To be very expensive!) Talk a Lot Intermediate provides plenty of practice with these bewildering forms.

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