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This book brings together some of the very best worksheets for teachers and students of English from the English website.

Whether you are a teacher or a student we hope that you will find something here to inspire you and make English language learning fun and relevant. The worksheets can be photocopied freely and are primarily intended for use with Entry Level students, although they will also provide useful practise for learners at all levels.

These worksheets have been written by an experienced English language teacher and used in English classes with learners from a wide variety of countries. At the back of the book is a short collection of fun classroom games that have been similarly tried and tested. Some may be familiar while others are original. In publishing descriptions of these games we are not in any way claiming credit for inventing them or owning them - our aim has been to collect together games that work and get a great response from students. If you have descriptions of any other games that you would like us to make available on the website, please send us an email to the address below.

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