The Second Book

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Welcome to the second English Banana book. Like the first one, it’s packed full of worksheets that can be photocopied freely for use in the classroom, as well as being an ideal tool for students to work through at home. We’ve included resources that test grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling and speaking & listening skills. A huge variety of material that we hope will be fun to use and really helpful, whether you are at school or at home. A big thank you must go to all the students who have tried and tested these resources in the classroom prior to us producing the book!

While the first book was aimed primarily at Entry Level students, this one is aimed at higher level students, either Intermediate Level or Level 1 (ESOL Core Curriculum), depending on how you choose to label them. There are also a few worksheets for practising more basic skills, such as the two Writing Skills worksheets. However, most of the material reflects the higher level, and will provide a wealth of stimulating lessons for students who are starting to become more independent in their learning.

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