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English Banana.com Free Copying Licence

"There is no wealth but life." - John Ruskin (1819-1900)

How are People Using English Banana.com Free Licences?

Top Ten Ways People Are Using English Banana Free Licences for Profit


Quick Summary:

You may download, print, copy, sell, and distribute English Banana.com materials, without paying anything.


Definition of Terms:

This licence is effective from 7th December 2008, and replaces all existing statements and notices regarding copyright and copying of English Banana.com materials. It applies to all English Banana.com materials.

"English Banana.com materials" means: worksheets, MP3s, video files, books, CD-ROMs, and any other file or product that has been created and published by English Banana.com, that exists either on its website server (www.englishbanana.com) or offline, including digital versions (e.g. a .pdf file) as well as physical copies (e.g. a workbook copy of the Big Grammar Book, or a CD-ROM).


Who May Use this Licence?

This licence applies to anybody who wishes to use English Banana.com materials.


Free Copying Licence:

1. You may download, print, copy, and distribute English Banana.com materials.

2. You may sell English Banana.com materials to make a profit.

3. You may distribute English Banana.com materials for free.

4. You may put English Banana.com materials on a website.

5. You may put English Banana.com materials on an intranet server.

6. You may adapt English Banana.com materials.

7. You may remove the English Banana.com name and logo from the materials, or replace it with your own.

8. You may produce plays or films using English Banana.com materials.

This is a free licence:

  • You don't have to pay English Banana.com any royalties or fees.
  • You don't have to credit English Banana.com as the originator of the materials.
  • You don't have to contact us before using this licence, or apply for further permission, although if you do tell us how you are using it, we may be able to help you by publicising your initiative on English Banana.com.

In short, if you can use English Banana.com materials in any way, this licence gives you permission to use them.

There is only one restriction:

You may not claim copyright to original English Banana.com materials. International copyright for English Banana.com materials belongs to Matt Purland/English Banana.com 2002-2014.

Why Free Licences?

Matt Purland, sole author of all English Banana.com materials, writes:

"I feel that the quotation at the top of this page says it all: 'There is no wealth but life.' What do we have of value, really, apart from life? Life is fleeting, so if somebody sees value in my work - the English Banana.com materials - and can use it to improve their quality of life, I'm very happy for them to do so. I hope that perhaps you will be able to benefit from one or both Free English Banana.com Licences. If you would like to ask me a question, or send a comment, please do contact me here."


Standard Disclaimer:

By accessing and using www.englishbanana.com you accept that all materials and services, including links to external websites, are provided in good faith and 'as is'. You agree that you will not hold English Banana.com responsible for any issues or consequences that may arise from accessing and using English Banana.com materials. No guarantee of availability or reliability of either use or accuracy is given by the author or may be assumed. All files on www.englishbanana.com have been virus-checked before being uploaded to the server. However, this disclaimer has been posted to make it clear that when users download files from this website they do so at their own risk. English Banana.com cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss resulting from accessing and using materials from www.englishbanana.com.



This English Banana.com Free Licence has been written, authorised, and digitally signed by the sole author of all English Banana.com materials, Matt Purland:

Matt Purland...

Matt Purland...

Matt Purland

Founder and Writer, English Banana.com

Date: 7th December 2008


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