Test Your Vocabulary Skills

Around the World in Fifteen Pictures 2

Complete the gaps in the sentences below:

1. These beautiful are in New Zealand.

2. Fishing off the of Vancouver in Canada.

3. A peaceful day on a lake in Norway.

4. The sun is over Japan.

5. It's common to see a in Texas.

6. This is one of the Great at Giza in Egypt.

7. These sheep are playing in the , in Derbyshire, UK.

8. Evening in the Caribbean and the trees gently sway.

9. Freshly picked grown in Kansas, USA.

10. A quiet afternoon in a small town near Salzburg in .

11. This is the CN in Toronto, Canada.

12. The sails of an old wooden mill slowly turn in a South African village.

13. The is rising over the Moroccan desert.

14. A winding in the south of Ireland.

15. You can tell this is an elephant by the size of his ears!


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