Test Your Grammar Skills

"its" or "it's"? 1

Complete each sentence using either "its" or "it's":

1. about two o'clock.

2. Did you know started raining?

3. Have you seen 'Phantom of the Opera'? brilliant.

4. been a difficult few days, hasn't it?

5. Hard work brings own rewards.

6. never too late to learn how to swim.

7. The company has been celebrating many achievements.

8. Look at that plant. flowers are so beautiful.

9. My boss didn't use the work I spent hours doing. been a complete waste of time!

10. 'Has the film started yet?' 'No, still the adverts.'

11. The cat was sitting on own.

12. Can you put the guitar back in case, please? Thanks.

13. great that we can go home early, isn't it?

14. Look - the dog's finished dinner.

15. Can you turn off the lights when you leave? so important not to waste energy.

16. This tree always produces fruit in early May.

17. 'Is it still snowing, Amanda?' 'No, I think stopped.'

18. My brother is so stubborn! always impossible to tell him he's wrong about anything.

19. The annual music festival is now in eighteenth year.

20. I don't think that the government is going to change policy on taxation, do you?


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