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Test Your Reading Skills

Learn the Dolch List - Quiz 1

Introduction -

The Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary is a list of 220 words that appear frequently in written material. By learning these words, students will gain a good foundation for developing their
reading skills. The 60 words featured in this set of quizzes are among the most common in the Dolch List.

Complete each sentence by choosing a word:

1. want a dog.

2. son is a doctor.

3. 's raining.

4. She went to cinema.

5. I'm pleased to see you.

6. We're going on holiday a week.

7. you like soul music?

8. Please call me you go out.

9. I bought ice cream from the shop.

10. Tell me if you don't vegetables.

11. My brother got two children.

12. I went swimming Lucy.

13. Can I with you?

14. I will outside if you need me.

15. I've put the bags in the car.


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