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Test Your Reading Skills

Learn the Dolch List - Quiz 2

Complete each sentence by choosing a word:

1. I some mistakes in my exam.

2. Her picture was the newspaper.

3. Can I have of your chocolates?

4. He told to wait.

5. There are 'p's in 'happy'.

6. What is the matter ?

7. do you want to do later?

8. James two packets of crisps; now he has only one.

9. I felt sick, I still went to college.

10. I chose 'The Weakest Link' my favourite prgramme of 2003.

11. one of these shirts do you like?

12. She opened the door went inside.

13. This is sister, Charlotte.

14. , that's another birthday over with!

15. We're going Ireland for our holidays.


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