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Test Your Reading Skills

Learn the Dolch List - Quiz 3

Complete each sentence by choosing a word:

1. Can pass me the remote control, please?

2. was older than his brother.

3. I need new suit.

4. Tomorrow is the first May.

5. I pleased to see you.

6. Jo , 'Hi, Rachel, how are you?'

7. is the best cake I have ever seen!

8. never knew what to say.

9. I'm going for a meal with my friends my birthday.

10. usually wake up at about 8 o'clock.

11. are two chairs and a sofa in my lounge

12. This party was idea.

13. I want to in some clothes shops.

14. My dog very well-behaved.

15. 'Have you seen my brother?' 'Yes, we saw at the club.'


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