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Meet Arnold Palmerstone -
the most boring man on earth...

It takes a long time to get to work. The traffic in Norwich is terrible! I hate traffic jams because you have to drive so slowly. Driving to work is so boring! When I get to work I hang up my coat in the usual place and go into the staff canteen to make a cup of tea. I usually see my friends Rodney and Penelope in there, and we talk about the weather. Rodney is a Customer Services Assistant and Penelope is one of our managers.

1. Why do I hate traffic jams?
Because they make you late for work
Because the traffic in our town is terrible
Because you have to drive so slowly

2. What drink do I make when I get to work?
A cup of tea
A cup of coffee
A large Malibu and lemonade

3. Rodney is one of our managers. True or false?

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