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How to Run Your Own English Course

37 Essential Documents for Planning and Running Your Course


i. About English Banana.com Schools    [.pdf]

ii. Documents you will Find in an English Teacher's Course File    [.pdf]

iii. English Banana.com Schools - Press Release (07.05.07)    [.pdf]

iv. English Banana.com Schools - Complete Book (86 pages)    [.pdf - 4.65 MB]


Before the Course Starts

1. Have a burning desire to teach English

2. Study, train and gain a teaching qualification

3. Plan the course

Scheme of Work - Beginner & Elementary Classes    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Scheme of Work - Intermediate Class    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Lesson Plan - Page 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Lesson Plan - Page 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

4. Let students know about the course

Promotional Class Poster 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Promotional Class Poster 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Promotional Class Poster 3    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Promotional Class Poster 4    [.pdf]    [.doc]

5.Employ one or more teachers (if applicable)

Job Description - English Teacher    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Application for Employment    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Blank Timetable    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Overtime Claim Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Expenses Claim Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Leave Request Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

6. Begin enrolment of students

Student Enrolment Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

7. Perform initial assessment with students

Initial Assessment – Reading & Writing – Page 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Initial Assessment – Reading & Writing – Page 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Initial Assessment – Reading & Writing – Page 3    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Initial Assessment – Speaking & Listening    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Initial Assessment – Reading & Writing - Marking Guide & Key    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Student Self-Assessment Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

8. Put students into classes according to their level

Quick Reference Form - Students    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

9. Negotiate an individual learning plan with each student

Individual Learning Plan – Learning Agreement    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

Individual Learning Plan – Activity Record    [.pdf]    [.doc]        [info]

10. Run the induction session/s

Student Induction Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Name Badges / Stickers    [.pdf]    [.doc]

How to Get Here - School Map    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Class Rules    [.pdf]    [.doc]


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During the Course

11. Keep a record of attendance

Class Register    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Class Attendance Chart    [.pdf]    [.doc]

12.Get feedback from students about the course

Feedback Form - During the Course    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Resources Questionnaire    [.pdf]    [.doc]

13. Keep in touch with students

Letter-Headed Paper    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Compliments Slips    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Letter Regarding Non-Attendance    [.pdf]    [.doc]

14. Observe your teachers in action in the classroom

Teaching & Learning Observation - Report    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Teacher’s Post-Observation Self-Evaluation Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

15. Withdraw students from the course - e.g. for non-attendance

Withdrawal / Completion Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]


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At the End of the Course

16. Get final feedback from students about the course

Feedback Form - End of Course    [.pdf]    [.doc]

17. Withdraw the rest of the students from the course

Withdrawal / Completion Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

18. Perform examinations with students and arrange for certification

Certificate of Achievement 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Certificate of Achievement 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]

19. Spend time evaluating the course

Course Record Form    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Teacher's Evaluation - End of Course    [.pdf]    [.doc]

20. Breathe a big sigh of relief!

(Then start planning your next course...!)


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