Talk a Lot Spoken English Course - Elementary Book 1

A complete 12-week spoken English course for students at
Elementary (KET) - Pre-Intermediate (PET) Levels

The whole book, page by page - with 53 MP3 tracks!

Four Quizzes from "Town" Unit

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Front Cover    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Flyleaf 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Flyleaf 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Flyleaf 3    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Introduction    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Contents 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Contents 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Contents 3    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Contents 4    [.pdf]    [.doc]

How to Use this Course (17 pages - 144 KB)    [.pdf]

Student Course Report    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Sentence Blocks - Q & A    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Sentence Blocks - Six Great Tips for Students    [.pdf]    [.doc]


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Sentence Blocks (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Blocks - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Sentence Block Extensions (4 pages)    [.pdf]

Discussion Questions (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Questions - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Plays - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Role Play Extensions (3 pages)    [.pdf]

[.MP3]  Role Plays - Mood Chart    [.pdf]    [.doc]


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Discussion Words and Question Sheets (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Discussion Words - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Question Sheet - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Vocabulary Tests (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Vocabulary Test - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]


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Lesson Tests (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Town    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Food and Drink    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Shopping    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Health    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Transport    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Family    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Clothes    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Work    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Home    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Lesson Test - Free Time    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Verb Forms Practice (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Present Simple    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Present Continuous    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Past Simple    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Past Continuous    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Present Perfect    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Modal Verbs    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Future Forms    [.pdf]    [.doc]

First Conditional    [.pdf]    [.doc]

End of Course Oral Examination (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

End of Course Oral Examination (4 pages)    [.pdf]

Talk a Lot Course Certificate - Template 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Talk a Lot Course Certificate - Template 2    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Answers (title page)    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Answers (22 pages - 196 KB)    [.pdf]

Sentence Stress - What is Sentence Stress? (3 pages)    [.pdf]

Sentence Blocks - Sentence Stress (3 pages)    [.pdf]

Sentence Stress Activity Cards    [.pdf]    [.doc]

[.MP3]  Sentence Block Verbs from Elementary Book 1    [.pdf]    [.doc]

Discussion Words from Elementary Book 1 - Phonetic Spellings (5 pages)    [.pdf]

[.MP3]  The 48 Sounds of English with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
[.pdf]    [.doc]

Back Cover    [.pdf - 136 KB]    [.doc]


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